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In conversation with Wavy and The People People Group

We say it often: when people come together, magic happens. That's one reason that Wavy is delighted to be a sponsor of The People People Group, this year!

If that name sounds new to you, The People People Group (TPPG) is North America’s most engaged people community of more than 2,500 HR, Recruitment, and Operations professionals. They exist to share resources, lift each other up, and are collectively improving the employee experience along the way. With a narrative like that, it's no wonder we had to partner up. Wavy wound up knocking at their proverbial door!

We've got a lot of shared values as organizations, and that's what made the Fireside Chat on April 20th between Martin Hauck and Shawn Hewat, worthy of a retrospective. The two shared a lot of great stories, insights, and ideas about this space, as Shawn opened up about her personal career journey, Wavy's origin story, and details about Wavy's recent seed funding round of CAD $2.5M.

Here are the highlights...

A priceless screen grab from the moment Martin nearly fell out of his seat laughing as Shawn showcased her "tiny mic."

Breaking down the buzz word, "culture"

What is company culture really, and how are we thinking about it at Wavy? Shawn shared a lot of great insights about this in a 2021 webinar with Guusto, which is worth a revisit if you’re looking for the long-winded answer to that question. In this context, though, her response had some noteworthy layers.

“I always say that an event or initiative itself isn’t culture. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together and reinforce [your values and goals], but you have to have the foundation nailed down in order to do it well.”

That foundation is the core mission, vision, and values your organization is built on and it is important to articulate it in a way that makes space and feels good for everyone on your team.

The events and initiatives you plan to reinforce that foundation are the activators of the company culture goals you’re working towards. Shawn explained how even the content of an event (whether you plan a Game Show or a Wellness Workshop, etc.), doesn’t really matter. 

“It’s about the people you’re doing it with and the conversations that take place,” said Shawn. “Having that shared memory to joke about for years to come is what matters.”

A three-step approach

Shawn pointed to these key steps Wavy leads customers through, both at the beginning and throughout the process of improving their company culture, as a point of reference for re-evaluating your company culture.

  1. What is your strategy? What are your team engagement and culture goals?
  2. What are you doing to design that culture over time?
  3. How can you make that transparent to your team, so your people feel empowered to take initiative and contribute to building your organization’s culture?

Breaking down culture into its foundation, its activators, and its long-term purpose, is a great starting point to ground your efforts. It will reveal why and how it needs to be flexible, inclusive, and accessible to all; especially in a remote or hybrid setting. It also just might make Wavy’s solution stand out as the culture management asset you’ve been missing.

The solution we're building

“While the niche we’re really focused on at Wavy is the team building component, we're also starting to expand into the wellness, DEI, and social good side of things,” said Shawn. We’re excited to share more on that soon and demonstrate how with our platform, we’re creating that one hub so many companies have been missing, where they can manage all of the different components of culture, in one place.”

Wavy’s Culture Management Platform enables people and culture leaders to not only book experiences and collect RSVP’s, it also allows them to  manage, measure, and improve upon all aspects of company culture while providing their entire team transparency. Getting intentional about culture goals is one thing, but using data and insights directly from your team about what’s working and what’s not…that is a total game changer.

“For those that have worked with us – we couldn’t be doing this without you. We build directly with our customers; a lot of their requests and questions get built right into our product. And for those who haven’t met us yet, we’re just getting started in this space and we’re really excited!”

Sharing her biggest takeaways from Wavy’s recent funding round, Shawn explained how much bigger Wavy’s vision is than we initially realized, and how many different opportunities our team is seeing within this space. 

Keep an ear-to-the-ground for Wavy’s journey as we strive to help shape a future of work where people come first.

Wondering what else you missed?

Shawn and Martin answered thoughtful questions from an engaged audience, had a lot of laughs, and even chose three winners from the audience to join in on an exclusive TPPG experience, hosted by Wavy!

Watch the full recording here to get the full scoop (and see Shawn's tiny microphone in action for yourself).